Goldspeed ATV Beadlock Rings

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  • GOLDSPEED Product
  • Stronger than aluminum rings
  • Longer life than aluminum rings
  • No sharp edges for longer tire life
  • Fits majority of ATV wheels in the market
  • Longer tire survivability design
  • Lifetime solid color
  • Used by top ATV Champions around the world.
  • Light weight
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Customize your ATV with high performance Goldspeed ATV Beadlock rings for your ATV wheels. The Goldspeed Carbon Fiber Beadlock Rings are lighter than most aluminum Beadlock Rings with stronger durability giving you a solid light weight Beadlock Ring trusted by top ATV racers today. When traditional painted rings get scratched, the raw aluminum shows through the paint making them look beat up after just one use. These molded Goldspeed carbon rings retain their color even after years of use. The Carbon rings protects the tires sidewall unlike the Aluminium rings that we have proved to be the cause of most sidewall cuts when the tire gets compressed on landings or harsh hits from the track or trail.   The Goldspeed Carbon Fiber Beadlock Rings fit multiple ATV wheels including DWT ATV wheels & many more!   Try them and you will see why Champions like Walker Fowler, Chad Wienen, Chris Borich, Johnny Gallagher and so many more are using them.

1 review for Goldspeed ATV Beadlock Rings

  1. Rick watts

    Purchased these Goldspeed rings in red for my Honda and put them on an old set of my DWT G2 beadlock wheels and worked great. I think there the nicest rings on the market. I will be purchasing the 8×8 goldspeed wheels soon. I see Chad wienen runs them on his Yamahas at the AMA series. Thank you guys.

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