Goldspeed MXR2 ATV MX Tire

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Goldspeed MXR2 ATV MX Tire

Performance that just cannot be matched SUMMER SPECIAL !!

  • 18x10x8
  • Excellent contact patch
  • Formulated rubber compound for MX
  • Directional tread design
  • Stiffer sidewall than the MXR for less sidewall flex

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Goldspeed MXR2 ATV MX Tire

The Goldspeed MXR2 ATV MX tire is the original MXR2 tire constructed with a reinforced sidewall apex design that stiffens the sidewall during side load without a sacrifice in performance loss delivering an excellent balanced ride for extreme performance. The MXR2 features a special duel formulated rubber compound that only Goldspeed is capable of providing with a revised profile delivering an excellent contact patch for extreme traction, control & precise stability. There have been companies that have copied the Goldspeed MXR2 ATV racing tire tread but have never come close to matching the performance of the original Goldspeed MXR2, Just remember if it don’t say Goldspeed it is just a Chinese copy.


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3 reviews for Goldspeed MXR2 ATV MX Tire

  1. John evens

    Thanks guys, I bought these and raced with them the other day and there is no comparison in performance with the MXR-V4 dwt tires I took off. Although they look alike these Goldspeed MXR2 tires hook up so much better and still look new after a race on them. Amazing tires.

  2. John

    I have been fortune enough to try all the tires on many different types of tracks and I can assure you these MXR2 tires are the best Atv race tire in the industry. The stop watch don’t lie. The pros out there all know they work best but sponsorship and money tend to play a factor in their programs and don’t allow them all to run them. So if you have the choice choose the tire that works and find sponsorship in other avenues you won’t be sorry.

  3. Brad

    PEP shocks recommended Goldspeed to me and I have to say these MXR2 tires are unbelievable. I honestly think if a guy were to put these on a stock bike it would make it feel like you have done tons of other performance work to the machine. They are that noticeably better and i never knew there was that much difference in a tire.

    • GPS Offroad

      Glad to hear you like the tires and they performed well for you. Also happy to see Wayne from PeP recommended these, Being someone that knows Suspension very well knows how important tires are to making the machines suspension work at it’s best.

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