GPS ATV 8×8 [3+5] Rear Beadlock Wheel & Ring

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GPS ATV 8×8 [3+5] Rear Beadlock Wheel & Ring

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From $80.28

NEW & Improved 2020 Atv wheels

  • Improved Heat Treating process
  • Improved Powder coating
  • Improved Nut plates
  • Improved quality control
  • Improved wheels Identified by laser Logo
  • Matte Black Powder coating
  • 8×8 Single Beadlock ATV Wheel
  • 3+5 offset
  • Multi Bolt Pattern 4/110 & 44/115
  • Carbon composite Beadlock Ring Sold Separately
  • Beadlock rings are available in colors
  • Chosen by top Pros like Joel Hetrick & Chad Wienen
Wheel price includes aluminum ring or you can upgrade to carbon composite.
1 × 8" Inch ATV Beadlock Ring
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GPS 8×8 Victory Lock ATV Beadlock Wheels (Goldspeed Product & Service) feature a special advanced design allowing a decrease in total air volume, This results in less tire PSI change as temperature increases during use. The Victory Lock is constructed of a specially heat treated 6061 air craft aluminum material. Designed with reinforced rolled lip inside and single beadlock outside for suburb strength/durability. GPS Victory Lock wheels features a universal bolt pattern fitting the majority of Sport ATV’s in the market today. Comes in a high grade OEM Matte black powder-coat finish & features a reinforced aluminum braced valve stem and cap! The GPS VL has new improved light weight steel nut plates that are riveted to the wheel and can easily be replaced if ever needed. The NEW 2020 Improved Atv wheels are Identified by the lasered on GPS Logo.  This wheel is so impressive Joel Hetrick has chosen it.

The GPS VL Carbon Fiber Beadlock Rings are a one of a kind Beadlock ring with multiple years of excessive development with top ATV Champions around the world today. Constructed of a specially heat treated formulated Carbon Fiber/Polymer material with a reinforced design resulting in one durable beadlock ring that also protects the tires sidewall from be cut when the tire compresses under load or landing unlike the traditional aluminum rings do .  The GPS VL Carbon Fiber Beadlock rings are extremely durable yet deliver flexible technology engineered to reshape to its original form after impact and holds it’s color unlike the aluminum rings do from debris.  The Victory lock 8×8 wheel and rings are used by top pros like Joel Hetrick, Chad Wienen, Jeremie Warnia and many other top pro riders. The Improvements to the Carbon composite rings consist of new formulated material for better strength and flexibility, redesigned for better tire sealing at the tire bead and improved ease of starting the bead ring bolts. The NEW and Improved beadlock rings are Identified by GPS Victory Lock molded in the ring.

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1 review for GPS ATV 8×8 [3+5] Rear Beadlock Wheel & Ring

  1. Jim

    We received the new Improved GPS wheels to test and have to say they are the best wheels we have had to date. Thank you for the opportunity and they will be part of our race program next year.

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