Tire Package GPS Gravity 50 25x8x12 & 25x10x12

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GPS Gravity650 Tire Package


  • (2) 25x8x12 GPS Gravity650 tires
  • (2) 25x10x12 GPS Gravity650 tires
  • (4) 3/4 inch Valve stems
  • All 6ply durable tires
  • GPS Gravity rubber compound
  • Light weight
  • Great wear life
  • Works well in all conditions

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The GPS Gravity650 ATV/UTV tire is designed & developed by guys that have been in the power sports industry for years and have been focused on developing a light weight performance tire with durability & traction needed in today’s ATV’S/UTV’s.  The Gravity650 ATV/UTV tire was engineered based off of a well known tread design that works great in just about any terrain/condition and is a dueable 6 ply with added material in each sidewall for extra durability. With over a year of excessive testing & development we have found the perfect dual rubber compound formulation that delivers traction/grip in many different types of terrain & conditions yet still provides the long lasting wear life needed for today’s market. The Gravity650 starts off weighing at a light weight of 22.5 lbs and is one of the lightest in it’s field. (4) Free valve stems.  


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