12 Ply Run Flat Tire


GPS Offroad Products is pleased to announce the release of the Sun F 12 ply all terrain utility tire for ATV’s and Side by Sides.  Available in a variety of sizes, this ultra durable 12 ply tire is the perfect option for the outdoorsmen looking to eliminate flat tires.

WebReady12PlyOriginally developed for use by the US military, the model A-033 12 Ply was designed to handle the harshest conditions without failure.  Featuring an aggressive non-directional tread pattern, with a tread depth of more than ¾’s of an inch, the A-033 provides superior traction on every type of terrain. The footprint is a proven and popular utility tread pattern and the tread covers the entire shoulder of the tire for added sidewall protection.

A higher concentration of natural rubber is infused into the bias constructed carcass, creating an incredibly durable tire that is soft enough to grip hard surfaces while still offering exceptional tread life.

In addition to being virtually puncture proof, the A-033 features an ultra-stiff sidewall with almost no flex.  Incorporating elements of run flat technology in the design, the tire will actually maintain its rigidity without any air in it.  That means in the rare event that you puncture one, you won’t have to worry about being stranded.


“Flat tires are never convenient but there are certain instances where getting a flat tire can make or break an experience” said Ty Zimmerman, President of GPS Offroad Products.  “Hunters don’t want to deal with a flat tire while hauling out a trophy animal from deep in the backcountry and flat tires seem to be a constant nuisance to farmers and ranchers.  We’ve heard a lot of complaints about problems with 6 and even 8 ply tires on the market and we believe the Sun F 12 Ply tire is the solution.”

Despite doubling the ply rating of most utility tires on the market, the average weight increase is just 27% over the 6 ply version of the same tire.  “Initially a tire weighing in the 29-37 pound range sounds heavy but when you consider some of the 30 and 32 inch tires are reaching the high 30’s or even up to 40 lbs, it’s really not all that bad” says Zimmerman.  “A few extra pounds in exchange for peace of mind is a worthy sacrifice for many users.”

The 12 Ply A-033 is available in 25”, 26” and 27” sizes.

21 thoughts on “12 Ply Run Flat Tire

  1. Ron Schoales says:

    I love this tire !! I currently run Pitbull rockers and cut one on our first ride with them. I still really like my pittbulls but I live in a very rocky area in Canada. I would like some pricing and availability on these plz.
    Thanks Ron

    1. Hi Ron, the 27x9x14 are in stock, & the 27x11x14 are in transit an should arrive within 2-3 weeks, give us a call for pricing and we will see what we can do for you.

  2. Dave Mills says:

    We put these on our UTV and we are very pleased with them We purchased them from a dealer here in TX. Is it true that Sun F is the Manufacture for many of the Run Flat tires we see on the market. Like DWT RF ?

  3. Robert Armijo says:

    I did some research on the run flat tires available for my Utv before purchasing and found out some interesting stuff on the run flats I found available. I chose the guys at GPS off road for many reasons and I am very happy with the product, pricing and service I received. I would recommend this company and their products to anyone that is in the market of buying tires or wheels for their UTV. Thanks, Robert

  4. Richard spears says:

    Received our run flat tires last week and got to go test them out this weekend. I have to say these are one tuff UTV tire. We went out in a group ride and everyone had flats but me there were a couple Maxxis flats one STI flat and one ITP flat. I think my friends will be purchasing some soon. Thank you guys and I will recommend these run flat tires to everyone that has a flat.

  5. William says:

    Well I have done lots of research on these Utv RF run flat 12 ply tires that are in the Utv, Atv market. Here is what I have found. It appears that GPS off-road is indeed the leader in this market making over 95% of the run flat Utv, Atv 12 ply tires in the industry like the Dwt run flat tires, RP advanced Run flat tires as well as their own XII Ply run flat. This makes GPS off-road the leader in this market for sure. So I Called the guys at GPS off-road and had them explain the difference between the three brands and which would fit my needs. After hearing what I was doing with them and the load I was working with they recommended the RP Advanced tires and clarified that the RP tire is the only US Military approved pneumatic tire in the market and said that they were available at Cabelas stores, Brad Youngs, Les Schwab stores and at TD powersports.

    Thanks guys

  6. Zhang Heng says:

    The DWT RF 12 ply tires are manufactured overseas by a company called Taizhou Taiyangfeng know as SunF correct ? and This overseas company is involved in GPS offroad in the USA. I am a broker that imports tires for Atv , Utv, Side by Side, Scooters, Go Carts, motorcycles. We have seen the XCR-V3, XCF-, Moapa’s tires. We also watched the video’s and like the one that GPS did of the SUN f RUN FLAT Tire.

    1. Keith says:

      Can you send me prices

  7. George Kelly says:

    Received our Run Flats today and you weren’t kidding when you said these tires are Puncture resistant and by far the most durable Atv, Utv Tires on the Market. I have owned many different tires and there’s nothing compare to these. There is no rugged country that these wont hold up to and just to think at how much money we have wasted buying other tires looking for something that would hold up, wished we would have found you a long time ago. These are truly the best Utv and Atv tires out there. Thank you.

  8. bill says:

    Hi I am from Western Australia and am interested in the 12 ply tyres. we run a few Polaris with 14″ rims in outback Australia and are yet to find a tyre to stand up to the conditions. could you send more info and pricing and a lead time to Australia.

    1. Al says:

      Did these tires work for you? I am a prospector and want some for my quad in Leonora.

  9. Mike C says:

    I have a 2009 Kawasaki Mule 610 4X4. It currently has stock 24X9-10 tires on the front and 24X11-10 on the rear. I want to get 4 GPS Run Flat 12 ply tires for the Mule. Will the A-033 12 Ply 25X10X12 work on my Mule? Will I need to purchase new wheels?

    1. Hello Mike,

      Yes the 25x10x12″ Run Flats for your Mule will work, and yes you would also have to purchase new 12″ wheels with a 4/137 bolt pattern, please give us a call 855-643-8473

  10. chris collingwood says:

    can you give me a price on 26x9x12 (2) and 26x11x12 (2) so a set of four.

  11. mike says:

    how rough do these ride.

    1. GPS Offroad says:

      Mike this 12 ply tire is designed to keep a smooth ride. You shouldn’t notice much of a difference if you can at all. Check out this link

  12. Matt says:

    Need price on 26/11/14 need to of them. Shipped to 93271 thanks Matt

  13. Jorge says:

    Just got set up with you guys as a dealer and very pleased with our first order. We were purchasing the DWT Moapa run flat from Rocky mountain atv and these seem so much better. We actually had one of the Rocky Mountain atv tires that went flat so i am not sure why they call them run flats. There nothing like these RP Spartan tires. Thanks , Jorge

  14. Mike says:

    Holy moly… If you are thinking of buying a set of Run Flats then these are ABSOLUTELY what you want! I have not used them but today I saw some at the dealer and tested the sidewall strength. I am not lying when I say it is at least 10 times the strength of a normal tire. I am a big guy 280 pounds and I could barely deform the sidewall by pushing all my weight on it. I have been looking for months for a tough tire, I have even looked at 20 ply tractor tires even…. and none of them have a side wall as tough as this tire. Simply amazing. There is no way this tire is ever going flat, trust me. I am ordering some.

  15. Bill King says:

    After talking to one of the sales guys and him explaining that you guys have had years in developing the Atv/Utv run flat tires and private labeling for many others in the industry with many changes to the tires throughout the years that continued to improve them to what they are today. He said the current RP branded Run Flat tires are by far the best out there currently with a construction and rubber compounding that just works better than anything else but took many years of testing to get there. He sold me on them and we have now had a chance to actually put them to use and I do have to say that they are one durable tire and the wear seems to be good so far.

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