Hoosier 20.5x6x10 Front MX Tire

$83.95 $76.14

Hoosier 20.5x6x10 Front MX Tire

$83.95 $76.14

Hoosiers front Atv mx tire

  • 20.5x6x10
  • MX150 Rubber Compound (50-54)
  • Light weight
  • Non directional

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Hoosier Atv tires Distributed by GPS Offroad Products

GPS Offroad products is happy to announce the partnership with Hoosier tire.  After years of testing the Goldspeed brand and Hoosier brand back to back in multiple different track types, with many different levels of riders around the world in the Atv and Crosskart markets , we gathered tons of information and feedback from these riders and the final results, Hoosier out performed in almost all cases.  With manufacturing being in the USA and availability and lead times being so much better it only made sense to team up with the Hoosier brand.

The 16600 Hoosier mx front tire features a non direction tread and is one of the lightest tires on the market.

Tire specs.

MX150   50-54 durometer

63″ circumference

20.5 x 6 x 10




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