GPS 5001 UTV Tire


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GPS 5001 UTV Tire

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  • 8 PLY
  • 30 Inch Tire
  • Puncture Resistant Sidewall Technology
  • Advanced Tread Design Technology
  • Advanced Steering Control
  • Radial UTV Tire
  • Smooth Ride

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The GPS 5001 8 ply UTV tire was specifically designed for UTV offroad use with an amazing 1000lb load rating & special puncture resistant sidewall technology keeps you moving with high confidence attacking any rough terrain. The 5001 GPS UTV Tire is constructed with a special tread design that gives you advanced steering control & a smooth comfortable ride with its radial construction. The GPS 5001 UTV tire is a 30″ tall tire giving your UTV the perfect ground clearance for a smooth comfortable ride. The GPS 5001 UTV Tires have been apart of many accomplishments such as the Baja 500 mile race with no tire failure to report.

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 10 in
Tire Size


1 review for GPS 5001 UTV Tire

  1. Nick Nelson

    These tires work great, they have a tread pattern similar to the buggy race tires that many desert racers still use. I drove on them for the Baja 500 with great results. 0 sidewall flats, one small center puncture, possibly from a nail or ? but it was able to be plugged with a single plug and back in business. Tread wear was outstanding as well, at around 470 race miles they still have plenty of tread left, could probably even be flipped to grab a little more effective edge. All in all good tough tire, with a good tread pattern

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