GPS Ace 9×9 (4.5+4.5) Carbon Hybred ATV Beadlock Wheel


GPS Ace 9×9 (4.5+4.5) Carbon Hybred ATV Beadlock Wheel

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GPS ACE Hybred 9×9 Duel Carbon composite BeadLock wheel (Advanced carbon Engineering)

  • Dual Beadlock
  • Multi Bolt Pattern 4×110 – 4×115
  • Carbon Composite Beadlock wheel
  • 9×9 with a  4.5 x 4.5 offset
  • centers available in different colors
  • Rings available in different colors
  • Requires a flat-based lug nut

We here at (GPS) Global PowerSports® have been involved with cross country ATV, MX ATV, GP ATV, Flat track ATV racing for years and have riders like Walker Fowler, Chad Wienen, Joel Hetrick, Jeremie Warnia and many other Champions around the world that use our products. The Hybred Carbon composite wheel is a new addition to the our Wheel line, however it is not short on being tested in some of the harshest conditions and with some of the fastest Atv racers on the planet.  The Hybred carbon composite wheel has been engineered and crafted into one of the most advanced racing wheels available today.  

The Hybred design features a rubber O-ring recessed into the wheels center and wheel halves that allow for full serviceability in the field, and is a true modular design with no need for welding, silicone, or any unique tools. They are all assembled with the highest quality fasteners, center sections, and inserts available on the market today and all assembled right here in the USA. The Hybred 10×5 single beadlock wheels actually have a bead hump that safely seats the bead of the tire when inflated unlike it’s competitor, making it a much safer and reliable Carbon composite wheel. The 10×5 Hybred is available with a 4/144 or a 4/156 bolt pattern when the 9×9 is a duel beadlock and features a multi bolt pattern of 4/110 & 4/115 fitting most all sport atv’s.    

We have taken our years of experience in the Power Sports wheel industry and have produced a wheel line that is just un matched. Ranging from a steel wheel, Aluminum spun wheels, Aluminum cast wheels, Carbon composite wheels to our full line of MX Motorcycle wheels.

Additional information

Bolt Pattern


Center color

Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, White, Pink

Ring color

Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange

3 reviews for GPS Ace 9×9 (4.5+4.5) Carbon Hybred ATV Beadlock Wheel

  1. Kenny

    Excellent replacement for the Hiper wheel, I have put them through some punishment and they are holding up great.

  2. Johnny

    We had the privilege to test a set of these during the off race season and I have to say they are a nice wheel. We had no issues with them and they held up to everything we put them through. Highly recommend the wheels..

  3. Dean

    Purchased a set of these a few years back and really liked them. When will you have these back in stock ?

    • gpsoffroad

      This wheel line has been going through several changes and some rebranding. This wheel line is expected to be back for the 2021 season and better than ever.

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