GPS EXTREME II ATV | UTV 14×7 & 15×7 [5.5+1.5] Beadlock Wheel


GPS EXTREME II ATV | UTV 14×7 & 15×7 [5.5+1.5] Beadlock Wheel

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GPS EXTREME-II ATV/UTV 14×7 & 15×7 beadlock wheel

  • 14×7 & 15×7   5.5+1.5
  • 4/156 & 4/136
  • Black Matte Powder coated
  • Ring Color options Red, Orange, Black, Neon Yellow or (Custom)
  • Aluminum spun Machined A5454P-0 inside wheel half
  • Aluminum cast Machined A356-2 outside wheel half and center
  • Light weight wheel  (12.5 lbs wheel weight)
  • Billet ring & 8m bolts weigh 3 lbs
  • Load rating 1600 lbs


The GPS EXTREME-II 14×7 UTV BeadLock wheel is a Unique designed and constructed wheel unlike most all others in the market, The GPS EXTREME-II wheel features an Aluminum spun inside wheel half made from A-5454P-0 material, a cast Aluminum center and outside wheel half made from A356-2 material. This Unique design and construction allows you some advantages over the competition, being lighter weight, Super strong center and an inside wheel half that will not break on hard impacts.   It’s beadLock ring is made of 6061 Billet Aluminum adding additional strength and a precise tire clamping fitment.  The GPS EXTREME-II 14×7 beadlock wheel is the strongest pound-for-pound ATV/UTV wheel available and makes a perfect upgrade to your machine whether your a racer or recreational trail rider.

Traditional UTV wheels are made from cast aluminum and can have flaws unseen by eye in the casting resulting in a weak wheel or easily breaking in use, This GPS EXTREME II wheel is an Aluminum spun wheel with a rolled inner lip for added strength, yet very lightweight putting it in a field of it’s own. 

  NOTE: When shopping for UTV wheels be sure to compare Cast aluminum wheels with other Cast Aluminum wheels and Aluminum spun with other Aluminum spun and you will find why this GPS EXTREME-II wheel is in a field of its own. This GPS EXTREME-II wheel offers the best of all options, Strength, Weight & Price, making it the best bang for the buck and the best ATV/UTV wheel on the market.           

Additional information

Bead Ring color

Red, Black, Orange, Neon Yellow


14×7, 15×7

Bolt Pattern

4/156, 4/136

1 review for GPS EXTREME II ATV | UTV 14×7 & 15×7 [5.5+1.5] Beadlock Wheel

  1. Richard

    Love them, The Neon Yellow rings you guys did for me really made the wheels stand out on my machine. Thank you ! Richard

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