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THE NEW GPS S II 12 PLY TIRE  (coming soon)

  • Available in multiple sizes
  • 25x8x12,25x10x12, 26x9x12,26x11x12
  • 27x9x12,27x11x12,27x9x14,27x11x14
  • 29x9x14,29x11x14,30x10x14,30x10x15
  • 12 ply Reliable Pneumatic tire
  • GPS RUN-FLAT Newest technology
  • Offers a great ride & traction
  • Works well in all types of terrain
  • Great puncture resistance
  • 1200 + Lbs load rating
  • GPS has been supplying the industry with 12ply RUN-FLAT Atv/Utv tires for over a decade and about every three years there is new and improved equipment that comes out allowing us to improve the already great tires we have.  From new rubber mixing equipment, new vulcanizing equipment to new balancing technology, these new GPS Run Flat tires are in a league of their own.



GPS Reliable Pneumatic S II 12 PLY RUN-FLAT UTV TIRES. (GPS) Global PowerSports® has been supplying Atv/Utv Run Flat tires for over a Decade to Distributors, Dealers, Government agencies, and Retail customers around the world.   

The GPS S II Run Flat ATV/UTV Tires feature a similar aggressive tread pattern as the Spartan but with an all-new run-flat technology adding extreme durability. This ATV/UTV Run Flat tire is constructed of a 12 ply premium rubber compound that’s designed to be ultra-durable with advanced carcass technology giving your ATV/UTV a reliable tire you can trust without the sacrifice of having a rough ride. The sidewall of the S II Run-Flat ATV/UTV tire allows the tire to maintain the load rating to support today’s Atv & Utv’s even in the rare event you were to puncture one and continue to perform airless. This heavy-duty ATV/UTV tire was designed and developed for the commercial workforce and for the US Military to have the capability to run on no air if needed in the workfield or battlefield reducing downtime or simply getting you out of harm’s way and back home safely.  , the NEW GPS S II tire is the newest to the RUN-FLAT tire line and is constructed using only the finest materials.  It’s main focus is to provide Farmers, Ranchers, Hunters, Pipeline companies, power line companies, oil fields, Mining companies, rental companies and more with the most durable Atv/Utv tire in the industry and at the very best prices.

Have questions about the Run Flats give our office a call and talk to the guy that has been behind the development of all the pneumatic Atv/Utv Run Flats.  Global PowerSports LLC’s R&D has been working on new designs and new run-flat technology that will work in all types of terrain and weather conditions, from extreme heat for the firefighters on the West coast to extreme cold for those up North in winter conditions all while being able to offer a load rating to support today’s UTV’s air-less in the rare event you were able to puncture one and still offer a ride that you would get from a radial 6ply.  This new design is also marked and ready to be studded for the ice and will be available studded ready to go as well.


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30x10x14, 30x10x15, 25x8x12, 25x10x12, 26x9x12, 26x11x12, 27x9x12, 27x11x12, 27x9x14, 27x11x14, 29x9x14, 29x11x14


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