NEW Gravity 8-57 ATV Rear Tire

$111.95 $79.95

NEW Gravity 8-57 ATV Rear Tire

$111.95 $79.95

  • GPS Gravity 8-57
  • Sizes 20x11x9 & 22x11x9 (8 ply)
  • Reinforced Carcass Technology
  • “GPS” Rubber Compound
  • Non Directional
  • Excellent Bite
  • Great wear life
  • Performs in all conditions
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$111.95 $79.95

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The NEW GPS Gravity 857 ATV rear tire has proven to be a tough, reliable ATV tire you can trust! This is not your average thin after market ATV tire, the “GPS” Gravity 857 is constructed of a solid 8ply rated carcass giving you that extra confidence vs. the normal 6ply rated tire. The special “GPS” rubber compound is designed to last longer but still have the performance & traction you expect! The reinforced tread design of the “GPS” Gravity 857 ATV rear tire works excellent in any condition or terrain with its reinforced “2mm”taller tread depth helping tire performance & traction in sandy, muddy & loamy conditions. The “GPS” Gravity 857 ATV rear tire is a non directional tire & works great whether your a serious racer or just looking for an affordable, durable tire with great wear life & outstanding traction.   The GPS Gravity8-57 is unmatched when it comes to overall ratings the tire is only slightly heavier than a 6-ply version but gives you the add strength that no others have along with great traction and wear life no matter of what terrain it is used in.   Why purchase a cheap 4-ply tire when you can have a durable 8-ply for an affordable price.

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Tire Size

20x11x9, 22x11x9


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