GPS Gravity® 1066 Tire 24x8x12


GPS Gravity® 1066 Tire 24x8x12

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GPS Gravity® 1066  10 PLY Tire


GPS Gravity 10 Tires

  • GPS Gravity® 1066 Tire
  • 10 ply
  • Designed for the Japanese Mini truck
  • Advanced Traction Technology
  • All Purpose Use
  • 24x8x12
  • Load Rating 75J
  • Smooth ride
  • Great wear life

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The GPS Gravity® 1066 Tire features a durable 10 ply rated carcass with advanced traction technology designed for All-Purpose Use. The Gravity 1066 is constructed with a specially formulated rubber compound designed to deliver outstanding traction with long-lasting wear life. Its unique tread design provides great performance in many different types of terrain. The Gravity 1066 tire was designed for the Japanese Mini Trucks and has a much greater load rating than your typical Atv/Golf cart tire, with its 10ply rating it makes one durable tire at an affordable price.  Why settle for a low load rating  Atv/Golf cart tire for your Japanese mini truck when you can get a tire that is specificity designed and manufactured as an upgraded tire for the Japanese mini trucks.  These tires are purchased and used by the largest Japanese mini truck imports around the world.   Just remember if it doesn’t say GPS Gravity® you probably purchasing a Golf Cart or Atv tire that has a low load rating of under 250lbs, where our GPS Gravity 1066 tires have a load rating of 875lbs and are designed for heavier loads. Quality and service you can only get at Global PowerSports®  known as GPS

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2 reviews for GPS Gravity® 1066 Tire 24x8x12

  1. Stan

    The best tire we have ever purchased for our fleet of Mini trucks. However they are extremely close to rubbing on some of the models that are not lifted. You can tell right away that the tire is better made than all the others we have tried.

  2. Jack

    The tire is great the availability is not so good.

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