Wienen Motorsports Racers go 1 and 2 in AMA Pro Motocross

Goldspeed Products take 1 and 2,

Goldspeed racers Thomas Brown and Chad Wienen went 1-2 this past weekend at Sunset Ridge putting GPS Offroad Products in the top two podium positions.  Brown has been fighting for a podium spot the entire season and after a mid pack start, managed to work his way up to second place, giving him his first pro podium of 2014.  Wienen, who also struggled from the start, was able to capture the lead about midway through the moto and cruised to a Moto 1 win.

In the second Moto, both Wienen Motorsports / Goldspeed racers found themselves in the top five and would make several passes through the field early on.  Brown’s second place podium in Moto 1 proved to be the confidence boost that a win was within his reach and he charged hard, overtaking second place by the halfway point and putting pressure on the leader.

In a dramatic last lap pass, Brown was able to overtake the leader, giving him the checkers and his first overall of the season.  “I’m so thrilled to not only get my first win of the year but to get my first podium finish.  I’ve had a rough start to the season but now that I’ve gotten my first overall of the year I’m looking to be up on the box a lot more this season.  I can’t thank all of my sponsors enough for supporting me and helping me get up to the top spot this past weekend!” said Brown.

Wienen was right on Brown’s grab bar for most of the second moto, coming off of the line in 5th and edging up to fourth by the end of the first lap.  Wienen would overtake the third place position but ran out of time and would settle for a third place in Moto 2.  His 1-3 finishes were good enough for second which allowed him to extend his points lead to 28 in his bid for his third AMA ATV Pro Championship.  “I was really happy about my first moto finish and to grab second place overall for the weekend but most of all I’m excited to be coming out of the weekend with a 28 point lead in the championship chase. I’m very proud of the entire Wienen Motorsports team it was a big weekend to go 1-2 in my home state we had a lot of family and friends come down to support the team and I can’t thank them and our sponsors enough.”

The entire Wienen Motorsports race team exclusively competes aboard Goldspeed Racing Products aluminum beadlock wheel.  After winning a championship for the brand and proving its capabilities in 2013, the team resigned with Goldspeed for the 2014 season.

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  1. Paul says:

    The Yamaha/Goldspeed Team continues to prove the wheels are for real. Like the guys say at Goldspeed we didn’t reinvent the wheel we just made it better. Goldspeed not only offers the new ERA in Atv race wheels but these guys have the new ERA in JRI Shocks as well. Just making things better.

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