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GPS the parent company of Goldspeed Products & Service in the USA & Global Power Sports is happy to announce the release of the new and improved Atv wheels, beadlock rings, tires and new product lines.

Over the years we have watched and listened to racers of all levels around the world that use our products and brands and we are always eager to take a great product and make it even better by improving where we can. Champions like Walker Fowler in the GNCC series, Chad Wienen & Joel Hetrick in the Atv MX series, Jeremy Warnia in the European Atv MX series, Nicolas Cavigliaso in the Argentina series & winner of the Dakar along with many others that we have worked closely with for years have helped with great feedback and have given suggestions on how we can improve products. So we here at GPS/Goldspeed Products & Service in the USA have made some great improvements to the Atv wheels and Carbon rings based off of all the feedback we have collected from these top riders over the years, and below is a list of these improvements made on all wheels, beadlock rings and mud plugs produced after Aug. 2019 and are only on the wheels with the new lasered Logo or molded GPS in the product.    

  1. Improved nut plates on all Atv beadlock wheels.
  2. Improved bead Hump on all wheels .
  3. Improved Identifying branding by a lasered on Logo. 
  4. Improved heat treating process and quality control program. 
  5. Complete new carbon composite bead lock rings, for improved strength, improved tire sealing at tire bead, slightly deeper counter sunk bead ring bolt holes for a more flush fit. 
  6. Improved OEM Powder coating process with a matte black finish.  
  7. Improved beadlock bolts.
  8. Improved mud plugs that have a 2mm larger outside diameter to help prevent from being pushed into the wheel and a more durable material, with the new Parent company Logo.

All products that received improvements have clearly been identified with the  Parent companies Logo.  

                   NEW Product lines for 2020 that will be offered & all made in America

  1. Axle Nuts for Yamaha 450, Raptor 700 & TRX 450
  2. Steering stems for Yamaha 450,Raptor 700, TRX 450 
  3. Steering stem clamps and anti vibe kits. 
  4. Complete carriers and bearing kits.
  5. Carbon Composite wheels 10×5, 4+1 single beadlock and 9×9 4.5 x 4.5 duel beadlock. All replaceable parts for the Carbon composite wheels.  
  6. Several New atv tires  
  7. Spindle Shafts

For more information or on how to purchase the new and improved Atv wheels, rings, mud plugs or new products visit or websites at ,  or e mail us at or call 1-702-643-8473  

These products will be distributed worldwide, with distribution centers in USA, Europe & South America.   

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