WORCS – Rd.4 Taft, CA – 04/17-04/18 2021 Purvines Race Team

Justin Seeds – 1st – VET Pro class

The smack talking was going down hard in the old man class between Justin and Robby Bell. Obviously all in good fun, but it was incredibly fun to watch. Justin ran away with the lead and robby kept him honest the entire time. 
In his words: “The race started off pretty well unfortunately got a mediocre jump off the start. Robby block passed me in the first turn having a good time, but I stalled it. Then I was able to get it going and him and I had a battle on the first lap playing a little cat mouse and unfortunately Robby went down so I pulled up a little bit waiting for him to get back up that way we can actually have a race for the fans and from there I was able to keep a comfortable lead and go onto the win.”

Nick Burson – 2nd Pro class

Nick Burson out again for the So Cal MC Hare & Hound. Snagging himself another podium in 2nd place after a solid run out in the desert. 
 In his words: “This weekend was the so cal Mc hare n hound. I got a really good jump off the line and lead the bomb run. I ended up leading for almost the whole first loop and right before the pits Preston Campbell passed me. I followed him out on the 2nd loop and stayed with him for about 10 miles. We headed over into an area that I am not comfortable with. I decided to back it down and bring it home with a 2nd overall. My bike worked really well and I was happy with my speed. Looking forward to racing again in two weeks. “

Mason Ottersberg – 4th Pro 250 class

Mason finally cleaned up his start and stayed right there in the mix in about 4th. He made a couple mistakes which put him back to 7th and he worked his way back to 4th just 2 seconds off a podium right at the finish line. Mason is aware of the constant issue he has been having and he has a plan in place to correct it. He has consistently shown the fastest lap time in the 2nd half of the races and has the fitness to get it done. 
 In his words: “Though it was a 4th, it was a great race for me. The racing stayed tight and I closed it up on the front runners. Just going to keep chipping away at it and worked toward these wins and championships. I have so much left on the table I haven’t tapped into yet.”

Tyler Lynn – DQ Pro

Tyler ran a solid race for two hours. Was on track to finish 6th, but he ended up getting a DQ after his hand fell apart and accidentally lost control and went of course making it look as if he was course cutting. The WORCS officials penalized him though it was an accident. He will come back at the next round more aware and won’t make the mistake again. 
In his words: “Rode Pro practice Saturday and felt like I had figured out the course pretty well and what lines we could and couldn’t take. During the pro race I took one of the main lines from the races prior and it ended up being a couple feet outside a stake that I didn’t see that would end up being a DQ. No excuses I just need to be better plain and simple. Need to pay closer attention to the small details like that. Sorry for letting the whole team and our sponsors down! Won’t let this happen again”

Ava Silvestri – 3rd Womens Pro class

Ava put it on the box again. She has been consistent and has her eyes set on getting that next spot. She is working hard to put the puzzle together. 
In her words: “3rd on the weekend at round 4 of WORCS. Ready to get back to the drawing board and find what’s going to get to that next step up on the podium! Ready for the next one!”

Caitlyn Kurtz – 3rd Womens A class

Caitlyn had her struggles that held her back, but she still put it on the podium. She continues to learn and keep fighting forward.
In her words: “Round four of Worcs at Taft was another super fun round! On Saturday I had a great start and a great time riding! I was right behind second place until I bumped bars with another rider and stalled in a corner. I tried what I could to catch back up but in the end I was happy with my ride and my third place spot in the Women’s A class! Sunday I had an amazing start but I quickly fell to the back of the pack. I road smooth and did what I could to keep up in the Sportsman B class.”  

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