AMA Hare & Hound – Rd. 5 – Jericho, UT – 05/01/2021

Tyler Lynn – 1st Pro class

Tyler has been hungry to try his hand at an open pro race for the NHHA series, as most of his background comes from this series. He took the pro 250 title years ago and then started focusing on GP. With the long break we have before the next GP race, he wanted to go to his local H&H round to break the win streak that BETA USA’s, Joe Wasson had. Tyler brought home a win aboard his Yamaha 450FX. The first time a Yamaha has won an AMA National H&H since 2017. 
In his words: “With this being my first NHHA since 2019 I was super excited to just get out and race some desert racing and see all my racing family I hadn’t seen in a while! With all the racing and training I’ve done in the past months I knew I could run with the top guys and be right their with them! With it being the closest race to me I’ve done this year and familiar terrain I was super excited. I got off to an amazing start but my line that I had walked just wasn’t good enough compared to others so I got closed out a bit later down the bomb. I had caught Joe Wasson and I changed my line to follow him because I know he always has his starts dialed and has been winning these races, so if I could pace off of him it would be great for me. Once we hit the second set of banners about a mile into the race I was second overall right behind Joe and I was feeling very confident with the terrain we were racing in, so I pushed to make a pass and get into the lead. I was able to make the pass generally easy. I put my head down to try and gap the field. I found a flow really early and I was having so much fun. My bike was working so good and I never questioned hitting the huge whoops or anything the course was throwing at me. With all the Grand Prix racing I’ve done in the last couple of years I was able to keep a much higher intensity level and speed and was able to gap the rest of the field pretty quick. Coming in off the first loop I got a really fast pit and was off to racing again for the final 40 miles. My body still felt awesome with hardly any fatigue so I was still able to keep the higher intensity and was still in a really good flow. I was able to take it into the finish for my first National Overall and made some History as the first Utah rider to take an Overall as well! The whole day was a dream come true and I couldn’t imagine it being any better! I have to give a huge thanks to all of you that support me and keep the dreams alive I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Nick Burson – 2nd Pro class

Nick worked hard to snag the lead from Preston Cambell, but came just short of doing so and finished in 2nd. Preston would clinch the championship and Nick finished the season 2nd in the championship. Nick has had an incredible year coming back from his ACL reconstruction and we are happy to continue supporting his efforts.
In his words: “This weekend was the last round of the District 37 Hare N Hound Series. It was held out in the desert of Ridgecrest not far from my house. I always love racing out here and feel really comfortable on my bike around here.  I got off to a great start and was leading for about the first 10 miles until I heard Preston come up quickly behind me. He got by me and I just tried to stick to his rear wheel and up my pace to stay with him.  Halfway through the loop I lost the trail and couldn’t figure out where the ribbon was.  I had to shut my bike off on a hill and listen for Preston. I caught some dust and heard him way over to the right of where I was.  I found the ribbon and set off with no dust ahead of me. I had lost contact with him and didn’t know if I would be able to make it back up. Well i just started to up my pace and see if I could reel him back in but I wasn’t having any luck.  Well that was because Preston had got lost too and was behind me! I finally heard him and waved him on by because it sucks losing the lead for bad course markings. I stayed right with him after that all the way to the pits. I started to loosen up and I felt a lot better on the bike. I was just pacing Preston headed out on loop 2 when he missed a turn ahead of me and I jumped at the opportunity to lead again. I did my best to keep him behind me and lead for most of the 2nd loop. We got into some tight rocky trails when Preston passed me again and maybe 100 feet later he fell down and I got back around him. I knew we were getting close to the end so I started to sprint and when I did that it was my turn to lose the course and as I was making my way back to the ribbon Preston passed me again.  We only had a few miles left and I ended up 2nd overall on the day and finished right in his dust at the end.  It was fun to battle all day with Preston and his speed is getting better and better! I’m sure my days are numbered to keep up with him but it felt good to run the pace and have a shot at winning! I ended up 2nd in points for the D37 Hare and Hound series to Preston and it was a really fun year battling with him. I am still recovering from being off the bike for 9 months last year so I will put in a little more work this summer and try to run with the kids again in the fall!!”

Ava Silvestri – 9th WXC class

Ava Silvestri has been wanting to experience a GNCC and finally was able to make it out  to Indiana to catch one. She was running 6th in WXC, but ultimately would struggle and finish in 9th. Her goal was to finish top 10 which she achieved. We are proud to have a Purvines Racing Yamaha represented on the east coast.  
In her words: “Had a blast out in Indiana this weekend doing my first GNCC and I don’t think I’ve ever had that much fun on my dirt bike before. The conditions were epic and the whole atmosphere was amazing. I was able to grab a 9th in WXC after having a couple battles with the ground and the trees. Super stoked with the whole weekend and hopefully I can do more this year! Super thankful for all the help from the AM Pro Yamaha team and all their hospitality throughout the weekend.”

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