May 6, 2021
Price Increase Notification Effective May 6, 2021

Dear Valued Customer:

Global PowerSports® takes pride in our efforts to manage costs and provide the best
product to our customers. Unfortunately, we now find ourselves in a time where those
efforts our being outpaced by rapidly increasing manufacturing costs. These costs are
forcing us to pass along a price increase to continue to meet the increased demand for
our products.

The main drivers behind this price increase are dramatic increases in raw material
costs, increases in logistic costs, and rapidly rising manpower costs due to an
increasingly competitive labor market.

While GPS is certainly not the only company effected by these increases, and not the
first to raise prices,

a mid-season price increase is an unprecedented action for our company and this decision
is not taken lightly.

All of us here at Global PowerSports® value each and every one of our customers, and
we will continue to focus on cost containment as we strive to deliver the highest
quality, best-performing products Designed and produced for Champions and those that choose
quality products.

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