GNCC -Rd. 9 Snowshoe, WV – 6/26-27/2021

Devon Feehan – XC1 Pro class – 5th place

GPS Sponsored rider Devon Feehan started in the 3rd row and knew this race would be about being smart and getting to the finish in one piece! In his words “This was definitely one of the toughest courses we have had at Snowshoe in a while. Our row got hung up in “Howards Hole” lap one which made it hard to reach the top four guys off the start. From there I did my best to push as hard as I could to pick off as many guys as possible. I had the 7th fastest first lap, 3rd fastest second lap, 3rd fastest third lap, and the fastest last lap which shows I was moving in the right direction and would end the day finishing 5th overall! Snowshoe is such a unique event and I think everyone enjoys the time there!
Thanks for the support on and off the track, the wheels held up great out there and didn’t give me any issues at all!!”
Thank you for riding GPS, Devon!

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