WORCS Rd. 5 – Cache Valley – MX – Purvines Racing Team 06/11-13/2021

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Ava Silvestri – 1st – Women’s Pro class

Congratulations to Ava for going 1-1 at the regional Loretta Lynn qualifier “In her words: “Great weekend at the last west coast  Loretta Lynn’s regional qualifier. I was able to go win both motos and qualify for Lorettas in August and I’m beyond stoked to be going back to the ranch for the 2nd year in a row. Can’t wait to get into summer training and put in all the work to hopefully be top 15 this year”

Mason Ottersberg – 5th – 250 Pro class

Mason has been putting in a ton of work with the time off and felt he was on track to podium, but he struggled to find his rhythm this weekend. He fought hard to salvage a 5th place and also beat some key guys who were in front of him in points so all in all it was a positive finish. He now has the rest of the summer to tackle the work he has been doing to keep progressing to the top. 
In his words: “I wasn’t to impressed with myself this weekend. I normally like this track, but I struggled to find the fun and flow I once had here. It made it difficult to find the edge I have when I am racing at my best. I have put in a ton of time to get to the front of the pack and know that’s where I deserve to be. Looking forward to the summer to stay on track with my program I started with my trainer.”

Tyler Lynn – 6th – Pro class

Tyler suffered a first turn fall which put him back right away. These days if you do not get good starts it is hard to work up to the front. He dug deep and salvaged a 6th place. 
In his words: “Gonna keep it short and sweet! I got off to a good start and tipped over in the first corner putting me dead last and had to play catch up after that. The first 45 minutes I was off pace and lost a lot of time and the next hour was catch up time. I lost too much time earlier in the race to catch them faster guys so 6th for the day is what she wrote! I gotta be better plain and simple. Got 2 months to turn it around!! Thanks to all for making this happen we couldn’t do it without you!”

Thomas Dunn – 11th – Pro 250 class

Thomas is back on the schedule after his early season injury. He has been putting in the time, but struggled to find the pace of the front runners. He has his flashes of potential which show with time he will be where he needs to be.
 In his words: “I got a decent start but just went backwards pretty fast I was being to timid it the flat grass track after a few crashes during practice. But I’m trying to look at the positives like the good start, learning the pace of the top guys again, being consistent every lap and ending the weekend healthy. Finish 11th, going to work on all the things I struggled with during the brake and come back swinging in a few months. Thanks to everyone who supports the team!”

Caitlyn Kurtz – 2nd – Women’s A class

Caitlyn looked great as usual showing what her trajectory could be in the future as she keeps putting the time in. Another solid podium finish in Women’s A finishing 2nd place. 
In her words: “This round of Worcs at Cache Valley was so much fun. My race Saturday started off great and I was able to battle my way through to come in second at the end of the Woman’s A race. Sunday was all about extra seat time but I still had a lot of fun. My start was terrible but worked to my advantage when a lot of people in the 15-24 Sportsman B class piled up. After that it was a struggle to keep my bike up and not slide out from the mud. At the end of the race I ended up 7th. Over all it was a great weekend and I can’t wait to go back to race Idaho again later this year!”  

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