NGPC – Purvines Racing – Primm, NV – Oct 17-18

Mason Ottersberg – 2nd Pro 250

MXChamp USA Rider Mason Ottersberg has been on a roll. On the box for 2nd place again and he is now leading the 250 pro championship by 1 point. He is showing the grit for consistency and now it is time to keep that momentum going the rest of the season. We have three rounds left, so we hope to extend the points lead at the remaining rounds. In his words: “I am super happy with my fitness right now. I got caught up in a crash on the first lap with another rider which put me back to 7th and had to charge hard to the end to finish in 2nd. My speed and fitness is there, I just need to get my first half of the race dialed in better.”

Tyler Lynn – 4th Pro 250

Tyler Lynn was on rails as usual, but found himself on the ground to many times which ultimately took a lot out of him to contend for the podium. He was close, but couldn’t make up the time lost. Tyler is a major threat to the class though he has suffered some bad luck this season. 
 In her words: “I felt like I was riding well but just couldn’t find the flow like I had earlier in the race. I came into the finish 4th Pro 2. Definitely not the way I wanted things to go but it happens and we will be ready for the next one.”

Justin Seeds – 6th Pro

Justin finished first vet pro and 6th pro. Good speed all weekend, but just didn’t have the extra speed needed to stay with the front runners. Finishing a 6th place healthy and ready to battle at WORCS in Blythe this weekend. 
 In his words: “Sunday’s pro race started a little slow with getting a back of the pack start  but after making a couple moves I moved into 7th and tried to run with the lead group  but unfortunately lost the tow and ended up riding by myself. Was a boring race from there on and was able to come across the line in 6thStarted in the top 5 and ended up finding the ground half way into the first lap.  After getting up dead last I new I had to push to make up time.  Unfortunately I was a little off pace compared to the leaders but I did what I could do and ended up getting 5th for the day and moving to the next few races healthy.”

Thomas Dunn – 6th Pro 250

Thomas Dunn is our newest rider we picked up that will finish the season on a Purvines Racing machine. We have scouted him all year and are pleased with his background on and off the track. A very humble, young rider that has a bright future ahead of him. He finished a strong 6th place in pro 250.
 In his words:  “Ended up 6th in pro 2 for the NGPC race in Primm. Got hole shot and felt like I was riding good in the stacked class. By the end of the race I got pushed back to 6th. The race was pretty uneventful and everything went pretty smooth. Feeling a lot more comfortable on the bike and looking forward to the WORCS race next weekend.”

Sharon Mowell – 4th Women’s Pro

Sharon finished 2nd Women’s AA and 4th Women’s pro. She made some major improvements to her suspension and felt more comfortable than she has all year. Her lap  times were great, just didn’t find herself in good position to capitalize on it early on. She is going into WORCS this weekend motivated to clean those things up. 
 In her words: “Another pit stop that may have changed the out come. Had a good start, and battled with third place the whole race. Was so close to make the pass but had to come into pit in which she never pitted, caught back up to her again and couldn’t get it done before the checkered. Loved the course and layout, now onto Blythe for a double header.”

Caitlyn Kurtz – 2nd Women’s Expert

Caitlyn Kurtz is progressing so well this year. She has been in the women’s expert class all year and gets better every round. She has been back on the bike for only a year after picking it back up from a hiatus. She dedicates herself to progressing her skills on and off the bike and it shows. She finished 2nd in class and 4th overall Women’s. Sunday she suffered a DNF during there Women’s four stroke open class.
 In her words: “The NGPC race at Primm was a new experience for me since I have never raced there before. I had a lot of fun, but knew that the course was going to be super rough for the 90 minute Sunday race. Overall I had an amazing weekend and it was a great experience.”   

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