NGPC Rd. 2 Taft, CA 2/12-2/15 2021 Purvines Racing Team – sponsored by GPS

JUSTIN SEEDS – 1st Vet Pro class

In his words: “I was able to get a good start and was running second until Mark Tilley went down. After that I was able to check out and have a comfortable lead at the finish.  It was a great race to look for lines and let my team mates know where the lines were to ride for there practice later that day.”

MASON OTTERSBERG – 3rd PRO 250 class

 In his words: “I am happy to get this monkey off my back and feel close to where I was before the injury. I recently hired a new trainer, Miles Brazil and he has turned my program around in the short two weeks I have been working with him. I am not satisfied with this 3rd, but it is a very good step in the right direction.”

CAITLYN KURTZ – 3rd Women’s Expert class

In her words: “Round two of the NGPC series at Taft was a fun weekend. My race on Saturday went off with a decent start and an epic battle for second. Halfway through I fell into third and couldn’t get back to second for the Women’s Expert class. Sunday’s race I had a great start running first in class, but on the first lap I wadded pretty hard and fell back to third. I managed to get up and keep a steady pace and finish the race in third for the Women’s Four-Stroke Open A class.”  

All photo credit goes to – @KATO.FOTO

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