WORCS – Rd. 2 Peoria, AZ 02/20/21-02/21/21 – Purvines Racing – sponsored by GPS

Justin Seeds – 1st Vet Pro class

Seeds had his hands full for the first couple laps as the man they call Slamuels (Mark Samuels) was in familiar territory with Baja like terrain. Seeds would end up getting by him after a few laps and walked away with a win. Justin is now 2 for 2 so far in the 10 round series. 
In his words: “I was able to get another win, but it wasn’t easy. The slr Honda boys came to play and lead for a few laps. Luckily my Purvines Yamaha had some power down a straight to make the pass into the lead. Mark kept me on my toes and made sure I didn’t make any mistakes.”

Mason Ottersberg – Pro 250 class

Ottersberg on the podium again. closing out the day with a 2nd place finish only 20 seconds off the leader and 8th overall. Mason had some good laps to close in for the win, but made to many mistake with 2 laps to go and had to settle for 2nd. It was a home track for him and it was evident he was comfortable in these nasty conditions. 
 In his words: “Bummed I wasn’t able to bring home the win at my home race especially being so close to achieving it, but I am extremely happy with the progress I am making. only 3 weeks in with my new trainer and we have made some head way. Excited to keep my head down and finish this season out strong.”

Ava Silvestri – 3rd Women’s Pro class

Silvestri rode awesome finishing on the box with a 3rd. She was riding out of her comfort zone as she does not have many places to practice this rocky terrain at home, yet she looked as if she had the experience. We are pleased with her performance with every round that goes by. 
In her words: “3rd on the weekend out at round 2 of WORCS. The course was tricky and hard to find good lines which always makes racing so much better because you never know what’s going to happen, but for me the course won this battle and threw me over the bars on the last lap. I’m still super happy with my riding up until that point and I’m ready to put this weekend behind me and move onto the next! Cheers”

Caitlyn Kurtz – 3rd Women’s A class

Kurtz fought through the track after having a few falls and worked her way back to the podium from mid pack. She looked comfortable in the rocks and made every lap count. More valuable seat time for this young lady and she has tons of growth to go!
In her words: “Round 2 of WORCS in Peoria was a fun weekend of learning. Saturday’s race I had a great start running second place but fell back to fourth on the first lap by sliding out twice. However I was able to catch back up and finish third place in the Women’s A class! Sunday’s race went way smoother with a mid pack start. I managed to stay up throughout the entire race and finished 11th in the 15-24 Sportsman B class.”  

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