GNCC – Rd.8 Mason Dixson – 06/05-6/2021- XC1 Pro class

Devon Feehan – XC1 Pro Class – 7th place

“Round 8 at the Mason Dixon GNCC was a good one! I had a great start being 3rd into the woods which with how stacked the field is and where my pace is at, I believe a good start is almost critical for the chance of finishing up front. I missed my mark on a turn and had to dismount to get myself back on track so from there I was left digging from the back. By the end of lap 1 I climbed up to 7th overall and would stay there until the finish. 
Thank you for the support and I look forward to striving for the front in the upcoming races! The wheels are still like new 8 races in!”

Thank you for riding GPS – Global Powersports!

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